Calcium Supplements Raise Kidney Stone Risk

People with a history of kidney stones may have a higher risk of recurrence if they use calcium supplements, a new study finds. The findings, based on records from more than 2,000 patients, add to evidence linking calcium supplements to kidney stone risk. But researchers… Source: Diet and Fitness

Canopius Appoints Bailey as Global Head of Accident & Health

Canopius Group AG* announced the appointment of Scott Bailey as global head of Accident & Health, effective immediately. Bailey will lead the development of Canopius’s global A&H strategy as part of the group’s broader ambitions for profitable growth in specialty … Source: Insurance Journal

8 Foods for Healthy Eyes

October is the perfect time to review your eye health. Read on for a selection of the most beneficial foods to counter eye disorders and help maintain excellent eyesight. – Fatty fish Rich in omega-3, fatty fish like tuna, herring or sardine (steamed or grilled) nourish the… Source: Diet and Fitness

Organic Produce Reduces Pesticide Levels in Children

Eating organic fruits and vegetables leads to a significant decline in the amount of pesticides and herbicides in children’s bodies, a new study says. It included 20 children in Oakland, Calif. and 20 children in the agricultural community of Salinas, about 100 miles south… Source: Diet and Fitness

Hurricane Season is June 1 – November 30

That Time of Year Again: Hurricane Season is June 1 – November 30. Usually by the first day of hurricane season, many articles have been issued regarding forecasts of named storms, both good news and bad news.  This seems to be one of those “calm or lackluster seasons” but we all know in Louisiana- it

Get the Most from Your Auto Insurance

Motor vehicle collisions and other auto-related mishaps result in billions of dollars in property damage, medical and legal bills and lost income every year. Car owners need to protect their vehicle and themselves with auto insurance, but how do you know if you are properly covered?car steering wheel 150×150 Get … Source: Auto Insurance News