Allied World Launches Global Crisis Management Division

Allied World Assurance Company Holdings, AG announced the launch of “a new Global Crisis Management Division, which is comprised of Structured Trade Credit, Political Risk, Multi-Buyer Trade Credit & Product Recall, which will operate under the leadership of Todd Germano, … Source: Insurance News

General Mills Cuts Salt in 7 Out of 10 Product Categories

General Mills Inc said on Tuesday that it had reduced sodium by at least 20 percent in seven product categories, fewer than it had targeted, as part of the food industry’s effort to cut back on an ingredient said to increase the risk of serious illnesses. The maker of… Source: Diet and Fitness

Fewer Than 7 Hours Sleep Tied to Obesity: Study

A recent US study has found that short sleep, defined as less than seven hours a night, increases the consumption of sugary drinks, and could increase the risk of obesity. Researchers at the University of Alabama looked at data from 28,150 American adults between the age… Source: Diet and Fitness

Integro Acquires UK’s Entertainment Insurance Partners Limited

Global insurance brokerage and risk management firm Integro Insurance Brokers Holdings Ltd. announced that it has acquired London-based Entertainment Insurance Partners Limited (EIP), the parent company of Robertson Taylor Insurance Brokers Ltd., Robertson Taylor International Insurance Brokers Inc., Walton & … Source: Insurance News

Why Diet Drinks Are Worse Than Sugary Sodas

If you’ve made the switch from sugary drinks to diet sodas, you may be doing more harm than good to your health. One of the world’s leading experts on soda and nutrition explains why sugar-free drinks may be worse than regular soda. Source: Diet and Fitness

Pesticide in Milk May Cause Parkinson's

Men who drank milk that may have been tainted with a pesticide when they were young might be more likely to develop signs of Parkinson’s disease, a new study out of Hawaii suggests. A pesticide called heptachlor epoxide was found at high levels in milk in the early 1980s in… Source: Diet and Fitness