Mass Transit: The Healthiest Commute to Work

Taking the bus or train to work may be even healthier than walking, according to a new study published by the American Heart Association. Bus and train commuters had even lower rates of diabetes, high blood pressure and overweight than the walkers or bikers. Source: Diet and Fitness

WCIRB: Los Angeles Workers’ Comp Claims Outlier in California

California’s Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau released a study on Friday showing significant differences in the costs of claims among the state’s regions – particularly Los Angeles. The WCRIB Study, Geographical Differences in Workers’ Compensations Claim Costs, shows the Los … Source: Insurance News

Virginia’s Hilb Group Hires Hobbs as President, COO

The Hilb Group, a middle market insurance agency based in Richmond, Virginia, has hired David Hobbs as president and chief operating officer. The title of president was previously held by Chief Executive Officer Robert Hilb and COO is a newly … Source: Insurance News

Credit Markets Oppose Splitting Up AIG

American International Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer Peter Hancock has a bit of ammo as he meets Thursday with activist shareholder Carl Icahn: The credit market has been on the insurer’s side. The cost to protect bondholders against an AIG … Source: Insurance News