5 Micronutrients You Need, But Probably Aren't Getting

It’s no surprise that we are an overweight nation burdened by preventable diseases. But according a new book argues that a hidden crisis of micronutrient deficiency is behind the nation’s poor health. Here are the top five micronutrients missing in most American diets. Source: Diet and Fitness

Frying Veggies Healthier Than Boiling

Fryingand sautéing vegetables can be healthier than boiling, say scientists at Spain’s University of Grenada. There’s a catch, though – you have to use extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO). Frying common Mediterranean diet veggies – potato, tomato, eggplant, and pumpkin -… Source: Diet and Fitness

China’s Insurers Received Premium Income of $365 Billion in 2015

The premium income received by China’s insurance firms hit 2.4 trillion yuan ($364.85 billion) in 2015, the industry regulator said on Monday. This means insurance premium income rose 20 percent last year from 2014, Chen Yingdong, a spokesman for the China Insurance Regulatory Commission, told a … Source: Insurance News

Starkweather & Shepley Announces Leadership Succession Plan

Starkweather & Shepley Insurance Brokerage Inc., the largest independent insurance agency in Rhode Island, has announced a leadership succession plan. The agency said Nat Calamis, president and chief executive officer, and William McGillivray, chairman and chief financial officer, will be … Source: Insurance News

This Simple Trick Helps You Lose Weight

Fad diets. Trendy fitness programs. Weight-loss drugs. Americans spend millions each year on efforts that aim to shed pounds. But new research shows that one cheap and easy strategy is an effective way to lose weight: Simply use a smaller plate. Source: Diet and Fitness

Extreme Winter Weather Hits the Southeast

States across the Southeast, including Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia, were hit by extreme winter weather this week and forecasters say it isn’t finished yet. Another two feet of snow is still expected across some of the Southeast … Source: Insurance News