MetLife CEO Raised Possibility of Breakup in 2014

MetLife Inc., looking to avoid tougher oversight, was examining options for a breakup or restructuring of the firm 14 months before announcing this year that it’s considering a sale, spinoff or public offering for part of the domestic retail business. … Source: Insurance News

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Coconut Oil

For years, coconuts and coconut oil were avoided by dietary experts and health professionals because coconut is high in saturated fats. But in the past few years, coconut has enjoyed a renaissance, with some of America’s most highly respected doctors advocating coconuts and… Source: Diet and Fitness

Smartphone Reminders Get People Moving

Smartphone reminders about getting up and moving around may help boost people’s physical activity levels and reduce their risk of cancer, a pilot study suggests. Inactivity increases the risk of overweight and obesity and has been linked to an increased risk of cancer,… Source: Diet and Fitness

Ads Blasting Sugary Snacks Backfire

If you started 2016 with the goal of losing weight, your lofty ambition may have already gone by the wayside: 1 in 3 Americans ditch their resolutions by the end of January. But new research found that ads telling you how bad sugary snacks are for your health are likely to… Source: Diet and Fitness

Pizza Favorite Go-To Food for Stressed Americans

The Harris Poll has conducted a survey into the eating habits of Americans during times of stress and found that 53 percent admit to eating more when going through a difficult time and 67 percent say they have a favorite comfort food that they go to for relief. The Harris… Source: Diet and Fitness